Political Views Over Time

What is this?

This website is a visualisation of the European Social Survey (ESS). The ESS is an is a cross-border academic survey conducted across Europe. Every two years, around 40,000 interviews are carried out face-to-face across a cross-sectional sample of European citizens. This visualisation aims to show visually how world events have affected the political views of Europeans over the last 20 years and uses data from all 9 rounds of the ESS.

How to use it?

First, select a data series from the panel on the right. The map of Europe will then be colourised according to the value of the data series for each country. You can hover your mouse over a country to view the name of that country in the top left of the map, along with the exact value of the dataseries for that country. Click a country to select it, and click again to deselect it. You can use the clear button to deselect all countries and the data series. The timeline at the bottom of the screen shows the most interesting world events that occured in each year, and the red lines can be dragged to limit the range of years for the other visualisations. The bar chart on the left allows you to view the same data series at a higher resolution. It will only show data for selected countries and time periods, and the data can be categorised by year or country by using the controls in the left panel. The data can be broken down by Gender, Education Level, Ethnic Group, Parental Status or Income level using using the controls in the same panel. If data is not available for a particular country or year it will show as white for the map and zero on the bar chart. Hover over a bar to see the exact value in the bottom left corner of the bar chart.


Break Down By: None
Education Level
Ethnic Group
Parental Status
Income Level

x-axis: Time
Data Series: Left/Right Wing (Average)
Political Interest (Average)
Voted (%)
Trust in Parliment (Average)
Unemployment (%)
Immigration Opinion (Average)
Income Feeling (Average)
Age (Average)